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 Free Website Tools
  • Go Now! >A small, easy to use tool that allows you to create smooth DHTML menus without any coding.
  Free Website Hosting
  • Go Now! >A free website hosting that is part of Lycos Network.
  • Go Now! >When you sign in, you get to choose the name you want.
  • Go Now! >Relatively easy service to use but a lot of moving between windows.
  • Go Now! >Easiest to use, fully customizable, and clean interface to create website.
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  Web Themes, Background & Buttonsemes, Background
  • Go Now! >A lot of funky backgrounds over 625 pages.
  • Go Now! >Lots a free fonts and free to download by a zip file.
  • Go Now! >This site offers 69 pages of fonts with hard-to-believe fonts.
  • Go Now! >Free horizontal rules, buttons, backgrounds, animation, and arrows.
  • Go Now! >Lots of "nice" free stuff for borders and background but a bit too pretty.
  • Go Now! >Quite a good selection of backgrounds for all sorts of themes and borders.
  • Go Now! >If you want wood or metal textures for your website, this is a great place.
  • Go Now! >All sorts of textures in various colors plus holiday background and misc stuff.
  • Go Now! >Free and simple graphics of backgrounds, buttons, borders in one page for you.
  • Go Now! >You can download the whole batch of themes (background, buttons, font, etc).
  • Go Now! >A place to go if you have a particular color in mind and want to work from there.
  • Go Now! >This site will render any button that you like and you can save it to your desktop.
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  Website Address Submission
  • Go Now! >Free website placement and banner exchange programs.
  • Go Now! >Free URL submission to 23 search engines and free scripts.
  • Go Now! >Free meta tags. Great for beginners and easy to amend a mistake.
  • Go Now! >Free address submission to 25 major search engines and directories.
  • Go Now! >Free online submission to 17 search engines and goodies for personal site.
  • Go Now! >Free submission service and the easiest for you with user-friendly interface.
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  Personal Major Search Engine Submission
  Personal Local Search Engine Submission







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