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  Username & Password Keeper
  • ? | Download >This utility will keep track all your usernames, passwords etc records.  
  • ? | Download >Helps record username, passwords and personal data in a secure mode.
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  Other Security Tools
  • ? | Download >This utility allows you to protect and retain your browser's setting.
  • ? | Download >PC security tool specifically designed to combat threats from Trojan horses.
  Electronic Mail & Message Services
  • Go Now! >Easy and fast Web-based solution for personal use.
  • Go Now! >Free, private and snoop-proof, email service with high-level privacy.
  • Go Now! >E-mail service with a digicert that can be use to sign and encrypt email.
  • Go Now! >E-mail system based on VeriSign's public key and 40-bit SSL technology.
  • Go Now! >Encrypt your email and instruct it to self-destruct after it has been read.
  • Go Now! >Web-based service with a patent-pending secure method that uses PGP.
  • Go Now! >Send >100 messages with large attachments plus no file-size restriction.
  • Go Now! >Web-based solution that doesn't require any installation, plug-in or cookies.
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