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MultiProxy is a "easy-to-use" proxy server for mIRC and Ch@t-Up!

Internet utility: ping, resolve and SCAN AVAILABLE PORTS ;)

Download Accelerator Plus
Speed-up your downloads up to 300% with resume, error recovering, mirror-search, always resume, scheduler, and more... Rated!

AmiWeb, the safe and customizable browser, brings the very best educational and entertaining web sites to children ages 4 to 11. Rated!

Netscape Bookie
Quick access to Netscape bookmarks, Internet Explorer favorites, and Opera Hotlist items.

Invisible Secrets 3
Prevent unwanted people from reading your private files and communications.

Transfer files between two people over the Internet / Local Area Network. Rated!

Poppy for Windows
Email notification utility for multiple POP3 accounts.

Shaolin Secure FTP
Shaolin Secure FTP is a free and open-sourced secure (encrypted) FTP client. With it, secure file transfers can be made between a Windows machine and any UNIX server using OpenSSH with the sftp subsystem enabled.

IE New Window Maximizer
A little program that will maximize every new Internet Explorer window that you open as long, as you are running this program in the background.

EZSurfer 2001
EZSurfer2001 Is A powerful browsing companion rated 5 Star!

Pop-Up Stopper
Stop Internet Explorer pop-up windows with the latest upgrade of this small tool! Rated!

ChargeMeter is an utility that is very useful to anybody. Anytime you want, know you can see how much money you spend when you use via your telephone line the internet.

ReGet Junior
Download utility with resuming which is just great for novice Internet use. Rated!

Picture Pump
Use Picture Pump to retrieve loads of graphic files from the Internet. This tiny freeware program is lightning-fast and easy to negotiate.

TSW Free Internet Access Services
TSW Free Internet Access Services. Worldwide free access on super fast servers. 100% connection guaranteed. Rated!

FREE privacy software that: protects email, attachments, local files; supports existing email accounts, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, AOL and more.

ICQr Information
ICQr Information is able to read and reveal personal information stored in ICQ Database (DAT) files, such as nickname, passwords, address, birthday and much more.

Clicksearch: The Search Accelerator
Clicksearch combines great Web search tools into a compact, easy-to-use toolbar.

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