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Blaze Media Pro

CD to WAV/MP3 Ripper

With CD to WAV/MP3 Ripper you can rip CDs to MP3 or WAV digital audio with this fast and easy to use application.

STOIK Video Converter
SVC converts AVI and WMV (Windows Media) Video files. And convert AVI-AVI, WMV-AVI, WMV-WMV, AVI-WMV.

WAV to MP3 Encoder
Encode your WAV files into MP3 for online sharing, or storing on your computer or MP3 player.

MP3 to WAV Decoder
MP3 to WAV Decoder makes burning custom music CDs a snap. Eliminate corrupt MP3 files, and decode them quickly and easily to the burnable WAV format.

VooDoo Mp3 Player
VooDoo Mp3 Player is a very sleek and reliable mp3 player with loads of options including creating, saving, and importing playlists.

Get MP3s, video, images, software, games, movies, music and more with FreeWire, the most advanced file sharing software available. Rated!

UltraCD Player
UltraCD Player is an ultimate CD Player. The program came with many cool Interface.

Fundoo Desktop Music Mate - Fundoo Desktop Music Mate is a desktop MP3 player. The program can supports all audio formats.

FadeToBlack is a free AVI Video Editor for Microsoft Windows. This program came with many useful function.

Beatles Forever
The best electronic Beatles songbook. There are about 400 lyrics and more than 200 midi in the program database.

d2J Movie Database
Small & easy-to-use program to organize your movie collections.

Funny Voice
Funny Voice changes the pitch of your voice and make it sound funny. Rated!

HACP is an CD player. Rated!

Lalim VCD Player
VCD player can auto locate your file in CD-Rom. Rated!

MPEG Audio Collection
Organizer for your MP3 collection.

Audio and video player for Windows that supports .mid, .mp3, .wav, .mpg, various MOD formats, music CDs and more. Use DirectX plug-ins to turn Juke into a professional music production system with an equalizer, compressor and limiter. Rated!

AniRez changes screen resolution and color depth.

MP3 CD Organizer
Keep track of your mp3 files!

Jackalope Audio
Jackalope Audio is an Internet based application that allows users to share MP3s over a peer-to-peer, streaming audio network.

WinMP3Locator is free utility for effective search of MP3 and other files.

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