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Night Views
10 Original dark and gothic works of poetry displayed on a bizarre assortment of backgrounds. All poems are by Robert Fulton Abernethy.

Some Other Time
Over 144 photos from another time randomly appear on your desktop, forming an ever-changing collage of images from the past. Music included. Rated!

Garden Beauty Supreme
Bring the floral beauty of Springtime to your desktop all year long with this display of gardens and blooms. 36 Images set to optional music.

Flying Skulls 2002
Animated skulls fly at you from an original background. Optional music included. Rated!

Happy Snowman
Happy Snowman Screensaver decorates your desktop with lovely animated winter landscapes and an enchanting little snowman.

Christmas Beat
Cute animated Christmas Screensaver with full-length Christmas medley.

Leaves Screensaver
Let grow mushrooms and fall colorful leaves on your desktop!

Autumn Saver
AutumnSaver adds animated autumn landscapes to your computer breaks. Rated!

Beach Scenes
The Beach Scenes Screen Saver features 25 beautiful white sandy beaches of Hawaii and others tropical regions. Rated!

Happy Note! Venetian Masks
A musical screensaver featuring twelve gorgeous Venetian masks.

Reflections Of The Lake Screensaver
A beautiful java lake screensaver for your desktop. Rated!

Screensaver with bouncing balls painting a picture using your screen as canvas.

Maggots crawl over and eat away at your screen revealing what's underneath.

Screensaver with bubbles floating gently over 3D images. Rated!

Euro bills float across your desktop, while coins are falling down.

100 Movie Mix 2
More movie posters in this collage screensaver. Rated!

100 Movie Mix
Movie Posters cover your monitor. Rated!

Beach Lovers Supreme
The best pictures from the original Beach Lovers Screensavers. Enjoy 85 coastal images set to a new soundtrack. Rated!

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