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[ W i n f i l e s ]
Cygwin.dll For programs that require the cygwin.dll file 
Msvbm50.dll For programs that require the msvbvm50.dll file 
Cswsock.dll For programs that require the cswsock.vbx file 
VB5 runtime Files VB5 Runtime Files; includes the necessary DLLs and support files to run programs written in Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0.(Windows 95/NT) MSVBM50.DLL, OLEPRO32.DLL, COMCAT.DLL, OLEAUT32.DLL, and STDOLE2.TLB 
VB60 runtime Files Updated version of vbrun5
Vb40032.dll VB40032.DLL is a required DLL for 32-bit programs written in MicroSoft Visual Basic version 4.0. (Windows 95/NT) ;The DLL file should be installed in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM subdirectory 
[ Win9x Update ] Information about upgrading your winsock to winsock 2.2 go here
msdun13.exe Microsoft Dial-Up Networking 1.3 Upgrade - Required for Winsock 2.2 Upgrade
wsockupd.exe Windows 95 Socket API - Required for Winsock 2.2 Upgrade
ws2setup.exe Winsock 2.2 Update VNBT Fix - Fixes OOB
vtcpup20.exe Windows 95 TCP Driver Update - Requires Winsock 2.2
- Fixes Land
vipup20.exe Winsock Update for Windows 95 - Requires Winsock 2.2 
- Fixes SSPing, Teardrop, etc.
     [ Hardware Drivers ] - for linux drivers go here
Display card s3 Virge DX/GX compatible ( pt60 ) win9x
sis530 win9x Display BIOS/HD Card win9x
Rockwell 56bps External Modem Driver win9x
Realteck 32bit IO ACerLan network card driver win9x
cmi8330 C-media Inc Sound Card Driver win9x
Sb16 sound blaster Ms Compatible win9x
Crystal MMX technology RD-01 Magic mp56 sound card
cmi8337 c-media pnp sound card full driver
[  B o t  ]
[  p l a y ] 
[  p l a y  ]
Mail Bombah Dnd destroyer NoBo
Zfn4 fluder ICnewQ REAPER
DIE3 WNUKE95 UDP2 v10.2 
BMB2 BOOM ICQ Auto Authorize
WNUKE4 ICQ Port Sniff Battle Pong
NUKER V.1.02 NUKE ATTACK Kaput 1.0
ICMP Bomber!  UDP Port Nuke  ICMP Flooder
UDP Port Flooder  Rebellion UDP Flood Ping
UDP Port Spammer Wpepsi Fortune 2.4 
[ M i s c e l a n i o u s . d o w n l o a d  ]  -
Diablo heavy(western) Fonts Bloodfea (sm)
xTerm - telnet client (linux style) Bloodrac (lg)
Win95 startup logo Win95 Shutdown logo
StarCraft mouse Cursors StarCraft fonts (in gif format)
Starcraft Conversion by maav Midi Hari raya (8 songs)
Trashed Fonts Starcraft win9x starup logo
Jokes/Pranks Software (fake format) Tick Clock (enhanced start bar)
Starcraft screen saver (protoss) diablo II mpq viewer
Skinner - Winamp skin maker Dopewars - selling drug game
gagboy tetris game - 18 above heh Zip cracker - crack protected zipfile
diablo II update v1.03 patch Aishwarya rai screensaver
[ S o f t w a r e C r a c k ] [ G a m e . C r a c k  T r a i n e r ]
Acdsee Crack 2.41 Diablo 1.0 (no-cd)
mIRC Key - all version Diablo 1.7 (no-cd)
Mcafee Viruscan 4.02 crack Diablo Hellfire trainer
Axicons 4.51 crack Fifa 2000 (no-cd)
CuteFtp-Crack 3.02 StarCraft BroodWar patch
Winzip Key 7.0/8.0 Quake II (no cd)
Xara 3D v3.03 - Crack Resident evil II no-cd
Macromedia Flash 4.0 Brood war Trainer
Winamp/Crack 2.24 C&C tiberium sun trainer
Conseal pc firewall Diablo 1.7 Trainer/Cheat
Total recorder 2.4 crack WarCraft II Trainer
Winroute 4.0 pro Crack Warcraft II no cd
xara3d 4.0 - serial key Half life & opfor All ver crack
Mcafee virusscan All version Motoracer II no cd patch
dynip 4.0 crack Sin no-cd patch
Conference room 1.76 key wcw nitro no-cd pacth
insyler exit 1.5 key roadrash moto (regedit)
AudioCatalyst 1.5 crack diablo hacked item (unique items)
Wingate 3.0 crack cheat code list ( several games)
windowblinds crack maav diablo2 no-cd
macromedia dreamweaver 3 key diablo 2 item generator
Register your windows98 diablo II trainer
Lview 2 crack diablo II cd key 
drum station 1.06 crack abe exxodus no cd
[ C o o l  s o f t w a r e ]  -
Virus Cleanup This will clean ur pc from Trojan Viruses - recommended
The Cleaner2.0 This Program need to be registered , lame thing
Winsock Version Checker Check the correct winsock version with NT4 SP4 
Sub seven exploit Similar to netbus and back orrifice but better
Nukenabber 2.9b as its name
HLook v1.0 Dns lookup Proggram
Star Draft(arsenal) Program for modifiying starcraft units
Audio catalyst CD ripper (converts dat to mp3/wav)
Xara3d image maker 3d font image maker (I removed it hehe..)
Putty.exe Alternate telnet client
Shockwave Player Application to view shockwave on browser
Winroute 4.0 pro Similar to winproxy (recommended for cafe runner)
styler.exe A cracking software
Zfn4 fluder mIRC socks clone flooder
Pwsender Hmm try it out for yourself
php4 web Webpage authoring available on win9x
Folder lock secure your secret folders
Registry Monitor Viewing your active registry for win 95
Fx Box 2.1 Guitar Distortion software (nice!) retail version
WinBnc 2.4 bnc proxy for windows 9x
Conseal pc Conseal pc firewall blocks incoming tcp/udp
windowsblind1.3 win9x shell enhancement
Waktu solat Tells you the time to pray ( takwim )
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