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[ B m I R C - S c r i p t s  &  O r i g i n a l ] -
Mangkuk 2.3 The best script that I'd tried
MS-Doz Inviter Inviter bot
Mangkuk edisi Raya Edited for Hari Raya Session
SaNtAu Malaysian's War Script
bmIRC 5.51 Normal mirc but edited to Malay Version
mIRC32 5.61 mIRC version 5.61
mIRC32 5.71 mIRC version 5.71
mIRC32 5.8 mIRC version 5.8
m o r e   S c r i p t s  ]  -
Devilz This script was edit in Malay version
Mafia A popular chatting script
Underground Scene Most powerfull protection script
Flo Technology Flooder script
Amuck v2000 Good protection script
Otak2000 Entertainment script on 2 language
Satan Hot script at this time
Pikachu Script base on Pokemon cartoon
x calibre t op  ]    s c r i p t  t y p e s  ]
Armegeddon All Around 
Britney Spears War
Airor War 
Burn Out War
Love Newbie
OZ Protection
Acid All around
m i r c x  top   ]    F i l e z  t y p e s  ]
e c lypse Miscellaneous Script
WeSt. CoSt Protection Script
WinmIRC 2001 v1 Miscellaneous Script
Chrono Cross  Entertainment Script
DeM0n mIRC War Script
Final Fantasy Gold BOT4.5 Miscellaneous Bot
mIRC Startup Password 1.0 Protection Addon
MySt|kBoT Utility Bot
m o r e   S c r i p t s  ]  -                                         -
Deep Freeze Script Help Script v 3.0
Scoop Script Petai Script
Y2K Script Mohican Script
Soul Script The World Script
King Script Kopirock Script
Blue Devil Script Zorro Script
Oinkz Script Cikapot Script
Raven Script  -

t o p   b o t s  ]    d e s c r i p t i o n s   ]
HellSound Bot  v 1 HellSound Bot is a fully functional channel mIRC Bot that will respond to command s given by the owner (administrator) and users (masters) those you added to the access list there are also some commands that can be used by all users.
Dark Haven v0.19 DarkHaven entertainment bot! type !cmds for commands beta tested by Mars 
A1 Simple Bot 1.1  Now the simple bot has Pop up adduser commands. It is called simple bot as it is the easiest to use bot around. Specially for newbies and experts who do not like to waste time configuring bots. Acts as chanserv alone or together with another.
HuntoutAndKillBot  This bot will hunt out all the people that kicked you in the last 3 days(can only find them if there online) and ask permi ssion to nuke them. just click ok and there gone!
IceBurnBot  Just download it. It has heaps of features like bot owner protection autokicks and heaps more. for Updates
MiniByte Inviter 2001  Has ¤[Auto]¤ Invite On Join and On Part Message On Join And On Part Greet On Channel Ping Ignore Msg ¤[Tools]¤ Channel Commands Fun Stuff (Lots Of IT) Cool Topics Color Talk And Style ¤[size]¤ Only A size of 155kb (kilobyte)
OutCast Bot Undernet Version  features: Runs and hides iteslf on the pc.. commands seen protection New Features: Added msvcrt.dll and mfc42.d ll for Win95 (older versions) this version is made specifically for Undernet. Email me for comments and help. =)
1 mIRC Channel Bot  Ever hate having to open 2 mIRC's to run your Bot? This Bot is GREAT!you dont need 2 mIRC's just load it right click the channe l and goto bot then Load all the rest is done for you it has many commands and i havent found a bug Yet Please download
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If you can't download the files, just right click on the links and "Save Target As" for IE and "Save Link As" for Netscape. If your download is still not working, Just email the webmaster and report the broken links.

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